23-Year-Old Halima Juma Caught With 23 Stolen ATM Cards Hidden Insider Her Pants

A 23-year-old lady identified as Halima Juma, was apprehended with 23 ATM cards belonging to nine different banks allegedly tucked inside her private parts Dar es Salaam police in Tanzania, said they suspected her of stealing money from bank users after illegally obtaining their ATM cards, k24TV has reported.

Halima was allegedly arrested on Tuesday at a bank ATM gallery in Mbagala area of Dar es Salaam, when a bank official saw her use different ATM cards of the same bank to withdraw money from ATMs.

According to reports

“After being busted, Halima, a resident of Chalinze, tried to escape, but she was cornered by the bank’s security guards, who handed her over to police,” the medium reported.

“A body search conducted on her yielded 23 ATM cards that had been hidden in her private parts.

“The cards were of nine different banks, including: Equity, Diamond Trust Bank, CFC Stanbic, NBC, CRDB (the country’s leading bank), NMB, Amana, Posta and ACB,”

Dar es Salaam regional police boss, Lazaro Mambosasa, confirmed the incident, saying Halima was caught on several surveillance cameras entering different ATM rooms, and withdrawing large sums of money using the different ATM cards.

He said Halima had confessed to being part of an ATM cards-theft syndicate.

Halima said the syndicate did not involve any of the country’s bank employees.

Investigations are underway, police say.