Boy Denied Admission despite having Distinctions and Scoring above 300 in JAMB

A Facebook user has taken to the platform to express her pain after her junior brother was denied admission into the university of Abuja despite meeting above the requirements.

In her post:

So I’ve been seeing various post of people who passed jamb and where denied admission and it saddens my heart that my brother is also a victim of this injustice. Adegbe James scored 303 in jamb, 35/50 in post utme and had A’s in maths and other subject in waec and was denied admission to study medicine and surgery in the university of Abuja

Below is proof of his result

The reason why I have not posted anything concerning this issue was because we were hopeful that his name would come out in the second list, yet he was not given anything to study and you would agree with me that if this admission was actually given based on merit he deserves to be offered admission to study medicine even from 1st list but he wasn’t given, I decided to share this post because I believe someone somewhere currently reading this might be of help to my brother even if you can’t help please like and share this post and by the Grace of God, we are hopeful that something positive would come out of this. Please support in helping my brother achieve his dreams of becoming a medical doctor.

God bless you as you do so.

She expressed.