Clearance Peters crew member shares touching story on how Kodak died

A crew member of Clarence Peters’, has come out to share details on how Kodak died

– According to the man identified as Melvin, the incident happened in Peters’ studio and not his home

– Melvin explained that Kodak got electrocuted because her phone body was made of metal and she used an outlet meant for lighting, to charge her phone

– He further stated that Peters was not in the studio when it happened and only rushed in after his attention was brought to the incident

As the controversy surrounded the death of Nigerian video vixen, Love Divine also known as Kodak continues to trend, more details have surfaced.

One of Clarence Peters’ crew member, Melvin, has come out to speak on the issue. According to Melvin, contrary to the reports going round, the incident happened in the studio and and not Peters’ apartment.

Melvin stated that Peters was not in the studio when the tragic incident occurred.

Explaining how Kodak died, he explained that her phone body was made of metal and she used an electric outlet strictly meant for the studio equipment. He also stated that Peters often made sure the models and vixens didn’t use their phones when on set.

Narrating further, Melvin stated that Kodak walked into the studio area with a sweaty body and was barefooted. His post suggested that this, coupled with her metal phone body caused the electrocution.

He revealed that she was still alive when she was rushed to the first hospital where they were refused entrance.

By the time the got to the second hospital, the doctor took too long to attend to them and she eventually gave up the ghost when the doctor arrived. Swipe to read post below:

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