Cyril Aggeett: 86-year-old widower eats lunch daily at nearby secondary school to fight loneliness

  • Ever since Cyril Aggeett, aged 86, lost his wife, he has been joining students near his house for lunch – The widower uses the lunchtime with the pupils as a coping mechanism to deal with his loneliness – According to Cyril, the noise the students make whenever he joins them always gives him the strength to get by It could be a terrible thing when the heart goes lonely and in constant longing for a loved one.
  • The story of Cyril Aggett, aged 86, is a perfect show of this. Ever since his wife, Shirley, died six year ago, he has been battling with acute loneliness, something that started just after her funeral, Metro UK reports. As a coping mechanism, the octogenarian has been joining local school children very close to his house for lunch. Sometime after the death of his wife, staff and student at Coombe Dean Secondary School in Plymouth, Devon, realized they have not been seeing him around like before.

Apart from eating lunch with the students, he also listen to music as a way to get by. Photo credit: Metro UK Source: UGC In talking about his early experience in Plymouth, he commented about how everybody was always nice to him. “I get a cup of tea, my lunch and good service.

Everybody talks to me, the office staff is brilliant. My wife was there one minute and then I couldn’t talk to her because she was under sedation all the time,” he said. He also spoke about how the noise the students make helps him to go through his loneliness, saying he would be lost without it.

The widower also said that music always helps him to get back, that he put it on and enjoy. Meanwhile, earlier reported that an 82-year-old Willie Murphy, a fittingly strong woman, has revealed how she smashed the head of a 28-year-old man who broke into her home in Rochester, New York. ( -> We have upgraded to serve you better Can a man show his love to a woman without having money?

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