MAN charged with sexual assault and murder of 92-year-old woman tells cops ‘his pants fell down’

Reeaz Khan, 21, has been charged with the sexual abuse and murder of 92-year-old New York woman, Maria Fuertes Fuertes was found lying on a street in Queens around 2am on Monday, suffering from serious injuries; she later died in hospital Police believe Khan followed Fuertes from a convenience store, before he approached her from behind and attacked her However, Khan has claimed that he discovered Fuertes lying on the ground and was attempting to help her before he fell over and his pants came undone Khan claims at that point ‘something came over him’ and he attempted to have sex with Fuertes – who was conscious but incoherent The New York man charged over the shocking sexual assault and murder of an elderly woman says he was trying to help her before his pants fell down and his genitals came into contact with hers. Reeaz Khan, 21, made the astonishing claim to detectives on Thursday after he was arrested over the horrific death of Maria Fuertes, 92. Fuertes was discovered lying ‘incoherent’ on a street near her home in Queens around 2am on Monday, with a broken spine, rib fractures and bruising on her chest and neck. The much-loved local – whom neighbors referred to as ‘grandma’ – later died in hospital. On Friday, investigators charged Khan with sexual abuse and murder in the second-degree, with reports saying a tip-off came from his own brother. Investigators also claim they were able to retrieve significant surveillance footage from the area that proves Khan committed the crime. They believe Khan approached Fuertes from behind while she was walking home from a deli where she went to buy cat food late at night. Police assert Khan then attacked her, before the pair became involved in a scuffle and fell to the ground. However, The New York Post reports that Khan has told detectives that he was simply walking through the area when he came across Fuertes lying on the pavement. He claims he was trying to help her up when ‘he fell down, his belt broke, his pants fell down and his penis fell near her vagina’. Hugo Fuertes, Maria’s son, said she was ‘a very nice, very good lady’ who never caused harm to anyone. Aneil Ram, who lived nearby, told ABC News: ‘She was a sweet lady. ‘We all knew her since we were small and it’s sickening to even hear something like that happening to her.’