Man solves his house problems, builds 3-bedroom flat with a balcony on his truck

  • Abinet Tadesse, an Ethiopian inventor, has built a comfortable house on his truck that has everything he needs
  • The house is made up of three bedrooms, two living rooms, three bathrooms, and a big balcony
  • The Ethiopian man said nothing gives him joy more than the fact he is living in what he built himself

It is that time of the year when people are checking their savings, pooling together resources, getting jittery over their next year’s house rent.

That is why owning a house is pretty much a big deal. Many see it as a huge burden solved when they finally own their homes. No wonder building a house could be the ultimate dream.

An Ethiopian man, Abinet Tadesse, has improvised a solution to his own house problem. He built a comfy house straight from his truck that he most loved.

The house has three bedrooms, two living rooms, three bathrooms, and one balcony. While speaking to BBC News, the man said what inspired him is that he likes eating and spending time on the truck.

“I like eating and spending time in my car. That’s what inspired me to build a house on this truck. The house has three bedroom, two living rooms, three bathrooms. This truck was formerly a freight transporter,” he said.

Building the house was not easy, he said it took him three years to complete the whole project. To him, what makes the house different is that he can take it anywhere.

“I am very happy to have implemented my ideas and invested them on my property. There’s no greater happiness that living in what you’ve built yourself,” he added.

The young boy said he hopes technology is introduced into every school’s curriculum. He also said that if he were given the opportunity to be the president, he would empower those that help people.

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