Meet 23-year-old lady says she’s open to dating older men.

  • A 23-year-old lady identified as Anastasia Robertson specialises in dating older men for gifts and expensive vacations – The young lady said doing so has helped her thick a lot of things off her bucket list – Robertson hails from Salford, Greater Manchester, UK and his what people call a sugar baby

Anastasia Robertson, 23, from Salford, Greater Manchester, Uk is a sugar baby, who finds dating older men for gifts and or money pleasurable and considers it an adventure.
The young lady started stepping out with sugar daddies she met through the website Seeking Arrangement two years ago.

Tactful, she asks all dates to sign an agreement saying their relationship is purely platonic, and her suitors have, so far, ranged in age from their 30s to their 50s, although she says she would see men in their 70s.

The care worker who is completely open about being a sugar baby, has enjoyed everything from paragliding to staying in exquisite hotels.

And despite earning a modest N7 million a year from her day job, she gets far more from her dates than just treats and money.

The care worker who is completely open about being a sugar baby Photo: Daily Mail Source: UGC She said: ‘I find older men have more insight on life, I learn a lot from them, and they give me good advice.

Some of the men I date I see more like teachers who can guide me through situations in life.
“All the men I meet are high-powered or have had really good careers, so I would definitely ask them to help career-wise later down the line too.

A sugar daddy once paid for me to spend the night at Hotel Gotham – which is a really posh hotel in Manchester that I’ve always wanted to stay at, and another paid for me to get a dragon tattoo on my back.”

The young lady who bought a four-bedroom house in 2016, told Daily Mail that some of the men she dates are like mentors to her.

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