Nigerian bank replies lady who complained about N65 ATM charge on every transaction

A well recognized Nigerian bank has replied a Twitter user who took to the platform to complain about the unnecessary charges imposed for every withdrawal she does, using the Automated Teller Machine.

The lady with Twitter name Okoto meow yarns (@souljourna) had complained that First City Monument Bank (FCMB) charged her N65 on every transaction because she used another bank’s ATM card.

She wrote; “Fcmb really charged me N65 for every withdrawal I made today using my UBA card even when I’ve already made more than three from the same branch this month . Is this how you people do it now, daylight tiffing??

Replying, FCMB using her Twitter name as a point of mockery, explained that only the first three withdrawals with other bank’s ATM’s are free and as such subsequent transactions within the month attract charges.

Hello Souljouma, please be informed that only your first 3 ATM withdrawals on other ATM terminals are free per month. Subsequent withdrawals attract a charge of N65. Thanks, okoto meow yarns skrrr,” FCMB tweeted.