The Imo Women had described the decision of the Nigerian Supreme Court as a shame to the Nigerian Judiciary and to democracy.
The Imo women cries that they are not in tandem with the decision of the Nigerian Supreme court of 14th January, 2020; a judgement that upturned the mandate freely and democratically given to Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, CON of the PDP as the Governor of Imo State.
An Advocate speaks on behalf of Imo state women :-

“The good women of Imo State therefore calls on the well meaning Nigerians and the International Communities who thinks well for Democratic governance to as a matter of urgency call on the Supreme court to immediate order and save our dying democracy.”

“Nigerian Judiciary is now a rubber stamp of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) whose principles of leadership has been on the basis of divide and rule.
The Imo Women reiterates their unflinching support to the government of Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha and therefore vows to always support him in his move to restore his stolen mandate through any legal setting in the world.”

“We received with rude shock how that mandate was stolen and these we resist with all our mights and therefore vow not to succumb to any form of intimidation;
Our consolation is that there are provisions to wit, we can reclaim our mandate from the vultures and men of no integrity, and so we ask the Supreme Court to Overrule its repugnant judgment against our active and responsive Governor Rt. Hon Emeka Ihedioha (Onye Mega Nke Anyi Huru Anya)”

In Adegoke Motors Ltd. v. Adesanya[1989] 13 NWLR (Pt.109) 250 at page 275A Justice Oputa* also known as the Socrates of the Supreme Court considered the powers of the Supreme Court (as the final Court in the land) to review its earlier decisions and said:

“We are final not because we are infallible; rather we are infallible because we are final. Justices of this Court are human-beings, capable of erring. It will certainly be short sighted arrogance not to accept this obvious truth. It is also true that this Court can do inestimable good through its wise decisions. Similarly, the Court can do incalculable harm through its mistakes. When therefore it appears to learned counsel that any decision of this Court has been given per incuriam, such counsel should have the boldness and courage to ask that such a decision be over-ruled. This Court has the power to over-rule itself (and has done so in the past) for it gladly accepts that it is far better to admit an error than to persevere in error”

“We also charge you get any legal backing from any international court of law to appeal this illegal judgement of the Nigerian Supreme Court as we assure you of our resolve to improve Imo State Governance with our Rebuild Imo Agenda.”

“God bless Imo women! God bless Imo State!! God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria as they BRING BACK EMEKA IHEDIOHA”

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