‘Nigerian women only argue about who does the cooking, not about who pays the rent, kids’ fees and utility bills’ – Doctor Urchilla

A Nigerian doctor identified on Twitter as Urchilla01 has called out Nigerian Twitter women who drag over not wanting to bear the burden of cooking.

In his post, he expressed disgust that such women are always ready to fight over trivial roles they play in marriage and forget to talk about the role expected of men. The doctor fired at women who build the wrong mentality even before going into marriage.

‘The fact that all Nigerian Twitter women ever drag about when it comes to sharing duties in marriage is who does the cooking really shows the limited scope most of y’all have about what marriage is truly is.

You never read them argue about who pays the rent, who pays the kids’ fees, who pays utility bills, who fuels the cars, who makes sure there’s even food stuff available to even bring up the argument of who should turn them into a meal!So many roles but it’s on the hill of cooking you’ve all chosen as your location for constant epileptic tantrums.

Do we even ever ask ourselves what kind of kids we’ll raise?Some of you have never paid a light bill or attended an estate meeting but you already know which round of this marriage boxing match you’ll deliver your KO punch. You will go into marriage prepared to fight.’, he tweeted.