Nigerians will miss me when I leave office — Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari may not be considered worthy of a spot in the good books of many Nigerians, his resolve however, to ensure that his promises are fully fulfilled, is still very much strong.

The President did acknowledge the numerous challenges facing the country under his very watch, but insists he will be remembered as a president who kept his word by leaving behind a country many would be proud of.

He spoke on Tuesday when he hosted members of the Buhari Media Organisation (BMO) led by its chairman, Omoniyi Akinsiju, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Buhari told his guests that “our government continues to grow in strength and will place a firm foundation for future generations. The task ahead for the four years will require a formidable team.”

He described the BMO as a key communication in the information management asset to his administration, telling the members that “your efforts have been commendable. I cannot thank you enough for your sacrifices during the first part of our journey.

“It is not an easy job to sell the administration’s services, we are doing unpopular things and facing powerful individuals and taking on invested interest who are accustomed to the corrupt era.

“But we must do things the right way, if we promised change then we must deliver it. This is regardless of whose interest is touched. There must be a manifest departure from the old order.”