Okada rider dies in an accident leaving behind 6 widows and 30 children

The fate of 6 widows and 30 children hangs in the balance as a commercial motorcycle rider who was their breadwinner died recently in a terrible road accident.

Reports say 51-year-old Hassan Mafabi from a Ugandan village had taken a loan to purchase a brand-new motorbike barely a month before his death, ostensibly to work and pay back the loan.

According to Ugandans.com, the deceased was ran over by a speeding car and he could not survive the crash.

One Bishop James William Ssebagalla of the Mukono church of Uganda diocese who is reported to have confirmed the tragic death of Mafabi said his bereaved humongous family are currently in a state of despondency.

Tuko.co.ke reported the man of God as appealing to the general public to come to the aid of the ‘hopeless’ family.

The future of the 30 poor children who cannot be blamed for their polygamous father’s decision to bring them forth looks bleak as their equally poor mothers are not in any good standing to take care of them.

Compounding their plight is the fact that Mafabi did not finish paying the loan he had contracted too, and it is unclear how and who will take responsibility for the liability.