SIX teenagers hospitalised after eating end-of-term Christmas cakes laced with cannabis at school.

SIX teenagers have been hospitalised after eating celebratory end-of-term Christmas cakes laced with cannabis at school.

Students high on cannabis were taken to hospital after an unruly pupil brought in a batch ‘adulterated baked treats’ to share with friends

The classmates, all aged 14, fell ill at Denefield School in Reading, on Friday after eating cakes containing the hallucinogen.

They have all now been discharged from hospital with ‘no lasting damage’.

West Berkshire Council spokesman Martin Dunscombe confirmed the students were admitted to hospital, following treatment by the school’s first aid facility and paramedics.

Mr Dunscombe said: “A small number of students were admitted to hospital as a precaution.”

“It is now clear that these cakes contained cannabis or a cannabis-related product.”

“The school is deeply concerned by this isolated and unprecedented incident.”

The pupil responsible for sharing the cannabis cakes has since been expelled, with the matter now referred on to police.

Martin Dunscombe said it is possible following further investigations that other students will also be expelled

Mr Dunscome said: “The head teacher gave assemblies on Monday morning to every student in the school, clarifying how to keep safe, and the clear and obvious consequences of bringing any form of drugs onto school.

“The school has an extremely robust drugs policy and takes drugs education very seriously. The school’s trustees, the head teacher and the whole school staff are absolutely committed to the safety and welfare of students.”

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