Yomi Alliyu, SAN, Volunteers To Defend Queens College Girl Who Was Assaulted For Fixing Eye Lashes

Chief Yomi Alliyu, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, has volunteered to defend the young girl from Queen’s College who was allegedly assaulted by a security officer for fixing eyelashes.

Recall that weeks ago, The sun Newspapers made a report about a Queens College pupil who was filmed and disgraced by the school’s security guards for making up, painting her nails and fixing eyelashes to school.

Chief Yomi Alliyu, an experienced lawyer, in an open letter condemned the act, in totality and stated that it was wrong filming the underage girl.

He emphasized that their acts have created a life long scar on the girl child which if not properly handled may cause eternal damnation in the life of this young school girl. And according to him, the negative tag from this may affect how she is treated throughout her life, and she might need a psychiatrist working hand in hand with a seasoned psychologist to bring her back to her feet and womanhood.

He wrote:

“I watched with blurry eyes the scene brought to play by security men at Queens College, Lagos. I bled inside me when I saw a young girl taking cover on her mum’s shoulder having her head pull back forcefully and/or violently by a Security man with the intention of showing her eyelashes to the world by filming an underage girl.

“This is reprehensible and should be condemned by all right-thinking people. This is punishment carried to the extreme. Even if she had committed ARMED ROBBERY the law does NOT allow filming of underage for any criminal offence!.“For crying out loud, what crime under the Law is wearing of eyelashes? Is it indecent exposure of body by a student to warrant bullying, jeering, exposure to public odium and ridicule by half-educated security outfit of Queens College, Lagos, who not only filmed but mounted the video on the internet and ensuring that it went viral.

“They had succeeded by their acts in creating a life long scar on the girl child which if not properly handled may cause eter